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    Hello,Welcome to visit the Leo Group official website!
    Location: Home- About us - Lead's Oration

    In English and Latin, LEO has the meaning of a lion. In English, it means "lion constellation," which in Latin, means "lion." The lion is the king of beasts, the king, the head of people, the crown of things, the best in the world for the best in the world. From the day Leo Company was established, Leo people have set themselves the pioneering and enterprising spirit of becoming the national industrial banner and pioneer of medical devices in China and embarked on a dream of great achievements. The company is located in:

    We dreamed of building a LEO skyscraper that will make this building the largest R & D, production and sales center for reproductive health equipment in China, thereby supporting the protection of Chinese women and children's health industry.

    We dreamed of building a home for Leo, allowing our staff to live in new homes and enjoy more and more benefits, making every employee the single biggest beneficiary of business development.

    Our dream is to make Leo Enterprise develop into a famous Chinese company and become a multinational enterprise with branches all over the world. Let our business and culture span the globe and all over the world.

    Only fly with wings, in order to achieve all the dreams. Leo's wings where? Of course, to support every employee and user of our business.

    To this end, Leo will be wisdom and sweat condensed into high-quality medical technology products to the community, the enthusiasm and sincerity to create quality services available to users, and they work together to solve today's world-troubling tens of thousands of women and Reproductive health related deaths and illnesses.

    To this end, Leo for the majority of staff to build a platform to display their own ideal aspiration, opened a personal value, the new window leading to wealth. Here, a very free and well-to-do group sends out the strongest signal of life in the world; here Leo happily works, lives happily and makes the most meaningful things in the world.

    One day, we will set up a piece of credit in the company, engraved with those who consistently, steadfastly support the cause of Leo people's name, thank them for Leo people had a high quality of life. Dreams are ahead, glory is waving to us, and we are convinced that this day will finally come.

    "We will surely accomplish whatever we ever dreamed of." For all of this we will look to the future and grasp now. On any job down to earth, starting from the bit by bit, so that we realize this great cause to every one of our products, every service, every job.

    Today's time is an era of innovation. Innovation is not only reflected in the technology and products, but also must be implemented in business philosophy. In the past, the traditional concept of business management has been around "profit first", and through market practice, we further deepen the understanding that "the user is God" in this shopping mall famous saying. On this basis, we propose that the company and the user are "strategic alliances, Partners, sincere friends, "" let users win first to achieve win-win "business philosophy, these ideas fully expressed Leo enterprises" customer-focused "," the customer's problem as their own problems, the customer's Goal as their goal "," the goal will always be locked in the bottleneck of customers, "win-win thinking.

    Maybe we are not yet a business partner, but Leo has been a friend in your life. After years of arduous struggle by LEO companies and a heavy harvest, I welcome everybody who is warm and hospitable - enter LEO and feel her new culture, new style and new atmosphere !



    Wu Yun

    July 2016


    Sales Hotline: 400-682-1118

     Sales Hotline: 800-828-1807

    Address: High-tech Zone, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Second Industrial Park Yinshan Road on the 16th

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