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    Location: Home - News Center - Leo maternal and child health information platform [into northern Shaanxi], suona blew ~
    Leo maternal and child health information platform [into northern Shaanxi], suona blew ~
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    "Brother you go west mouth, the little sister to send you away, hand holding the brother's hand, my sister, I am in tears ..." Speaking of northern Shaanxi, Xiao Er did not think of this song of the first northern Shaanxi folk "go west mouth" My brother and sister's friendship is moving.

    On August 17, 2017, LEO information platform for maternal and child health walked into the family planning service station in Yuyang District of Yulin City, bringing real blessings to the brothers and sisters in northern Shaanxi.

    Meet premarital, pre-pregnancy co-service object: just build a file, pumping 1 blood, out of 2 reports. Not only help the medical staff from the heavy manual work freed, focus on health care services, more effectively reduce the inspection of couples of childbearing age.

    30 seconds quick file (read the identity information, signed informed consent, avatar camera, bar code printing, scanning code positioning);

    Maternal and child health care business a full set of test data intelligent acquisition, automatic transmission (height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, fetal heart rate, abdominal circumference, medical imaging, laboratory data, etc.);

    Data are fully shared: pre-marital, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and all data sharing; and mobile terminal information interoperability;
    Automatically generate data, reports: automatically generate reports, the results of data; automatically generate the statistical reports;
    Large number of doctor templates, options: The system comes with a large template library, and supports custom settings

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