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    Talent Strategy

    1. Doing nothing
    The highest level of management is "doing nothing", that is, through internal control to stimulate employee enthusiasm for work. Intellectual workers basically have good autonomy, and they are more engaged in thinking work, rigid rules of work of little interest to them, they prefer to work with autonomy and challenge, like the more intense work arrangement. Therefore, the design of the work in the organization should pay attention to reflect the personal wishes and values of the employees, to create a safe and comfortable work environment for the employees as much as possible, constantly expand the scope of work, enrich the work content, diversify and complete the work At the same time, the gradual implementation of the flexible work system, increase the scalability of working hours and flexible workplace, and to establish a team-based friendship and corporate culture and corporate culture, so that employees feel the work itself is a pleasure. In the work to show their talents to fully realize their own values, in order to maximize staff enthusiasm and creativity.

    2. Multidimensional incentive mechanism
    First of all, improve the wages and benefits of employees. For intellectual workers, salary is a measure of self-worth, higher than the average market price of wages will make employees feel that their business emphasis on them. In remuneration design, it is necessary to base on the abilities of human beings and reflect the different values that employees in different levels of business organization have. Welfare has always been a means of attracting and retaining key employees, and many have taken an important part in providing companies with competitive benefits when choosing a company.
    Second, provide performance-related compensation. Under the premise of perfecting the employee performance appraisal system, one of the feasible ways is to tie the benefits of staff contribution with the development prospect of the enterprise. One feasible way is to share the risk, share the benefits, such as the distribution of stock rights or stock options.
    Finally, meet the spiritual needs. While material interests are, of course, basic elements of motivation, spiritual needs are also a huge impetus, a higher level of demand than material needs and can play a lasting role. Therefore, in improving the comprehensive treatment of knowledge workers, but also focus on job satisfaction, including the work of the challenging and interesting, allowing creativity and fulfillment of personal satisfaction; performance recognition, including colleagues and superiors for their work performance Identification and so are very economical method.

    3. Focus on training
    For their own and professional needs, intelligence personnel may place more emphasis on the opportunities for enterprises to provide training or re-learning. Therefore, in addition to providing employees with a contribution commensurate with their contributions, enterprises should also improve their personnel training mechanism to provide intellectual workers with the opportunity to be educated and continuously improve their skills so that they possess the ability to work for a lifetime. In this way, the enterprise can combine the development of the enterprise with the development of the individual organically and achieve the goal of "win-win". From the social trends, the survey shows that: business training costs are on an upward trend every year, the higher the knowledge content of enterprises per capita training costs and time to pay more. Therefore, to strengthen the training of intellectual staff is particularly important for knowledge-based enterprises, SMEs should increase investment in training with the financial resources of the enterprise.

    4 career planning
    Intellectual personnel have high requirements for personal development. Enterprises should fully understand the personal needs and professional development wishes of intellectual employees, provide them with challenging development opportunities and create the maximum space for development. Let them have the right to speak at the work and a certain degree of management decision-making, to provide a suitable path to its ascent, with the growth and contribution of enterprises, access to a fair job promotion, or create new business opportunities so that employees can clearly See their future development in the organization, make it with the cooperation of the Organization for the growth period, the partnership of honor and common dedication, for the enterprise dedicated to contribute their strength.
    As the key capital of knowledge-based enterprises, human capital has put forward higher requirements for the management of talents. Designing and formulating a talent management program that is consistent with the characteristics of knowledge-based enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, not only contributes to the development of such enterprises, but also helps more SMEs to develop. In the fierce competition in the market, have talent, talent retention, have the world too.


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