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    Hello,Welcome to visit the Leo Group official website!
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    Our Team

    Our high-quality, highly efficient customer service team to ensure that "professional quality, perfect experience, and always do better for you!" As the service concept, Bingzhe concentrate, professionalism, focus on the spirit of caring customers, solve problems for customers , Won the praise of our customers, Blue Yun quality service brand reputation in the industry. Standardize the process, strict management, superb technology, we will be high-quality and competitive products and services delivered to customers on time; the pursuit of excellence in services, to provide customer satisfaction, exceed customer expectations of service, so that customers feel every time The services are reliable and enjoyable.

    Leo company adhere to the "continuous innovation, keep the leading" concept, pay attention to the "first effect", so Leo people always in the "courage first" status, thus creating a number of brand first and only :

    The first batch of outstanding good faith enterprises in Jiangsu Province

    The first batch of medical equipment industry in Jiangsu Province high-tech enterprises

    The first batch of medical equipment industry in Jiangsu Province dual software certification business

    The first will breast diagnostic apparatus and electronic colposcopy into the national planning market

    The first CMD certification in the country breast diagnostic instrument

    The first in the country received electronic colposcopy CMD certification

    The first electronic colposcopy access to national software product copyright registration

    The first by the enterprise to prepare their own publication "basic knowledge of breast disease prevention" popular science books

    The first and population schools to build breast diagnostic laboratory diagnosis and treatment

    The only one won the tender four times in a row by the State Family Planning Commission

    The only electronic colposcope won the national Torch Program project certificate

    Jiangsu Province, the only one medical equipment engineering center

    Jiangsu Province, the only one national biomedical engineering high-tech industrialization key demonstration project

    The only one country reproductive health industry medical equipment base

    Jiangsu Province, the only one was listed as National Development and Reform Commission: National Biomedical Engineering High-tech Industrialization Key Demonstration Project, approved my company rotatable software endoscope, included in the national high-tech industry development projects state funds grant 3000000 yuan.

    The only one approved by the Information Industry Department of medical equipment special (1000000 yuan)


    Sales Hotline: 400-682-1118

     Sales Hotline: 800-828-1807

    Address: High-tech Zone, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Second Industrial Park Yinshan Road on the 16th

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